Digitalize Your Notes

Submitted 10 years ago
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My Take

After attending a webinar on Evernote, I was automatically hooked! I could now access memos, pieces of paper and agendas from my iphone, on my Mac or my PC at work! Wherever I was, I could now assess my handouts or anything I've scanned or bookmarked! Now, I can waste less papers and have my documents automatically filed. I love how you can search whatever you scanned by text because the program will recognize the characters so you do not have to create your own index.

How I Use It

I use Evernote for professional development. When attending meetings or conferences, I can now say goodbye to stacks of papers in folders that I always promise myself I would need one day! Instead, I scan business cards, handouts, memos and agendas and then I upload them to Evernote. I can tag them and add a location. It's great not only to scan pictures and documents, but also to save links! You can also take notes on this application. The plus is you can choose to share your notes with others. I hope to use it for my staff next year for any staff development.