Great Way to Learn RNA... Hope it Stays With Students

Submitted 9 years ago
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Again, I think i t is a great game to learn RNA in a bio class. I wish I knew more on the subject so I could see the accuracy of the game, but overall I think it teaches what the cells are, how they are paired, and how they are ordered. It seems the focus is more on the puzzle though as much of the information is at the beginning of the puzzle in quick tags. This makes me question the long term knowledge gain a little bit

How I Use It

This would be a great game to help you learn RNA. The games teaches you what each of them are, how you can pair them, and how you can sort them. It might be a great way to learn RNA in a bio classroom. I worry the data may not stay that long with students. It seems their may be more of a focus on the puzzle then the actual learning.