Great tool for enrichment and or skill work

Submitted 7 months ago
Rachele B.
Rachele B.
Remsenburg-Speonk Union Free School District
Remsenburg NY, US
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My Take

I love eSpark because it first starts students in math and reading with a placement quiz. Then, based on their results they are placed on a certain grade level and assigned a standards based skill in math and reading. It has great check-in tool and has fun and engaging videos and games for students to make learning. Lastly, I like to use the detailed student reports to track student growth and progress.

How I Use It

They will start their "quest" and begin with a lesson and then practice the skill and end the quest with a quiz. Students will then record themselves explaining the skill...pretend they are teaching someone. My students like to use whiteboards to explain thinking. Students like the games too when they are practicing the skill. There are many other neat features. Upon logging in they check in with how they feel, can pick cool characters to navigate their tasks, and earn "high fives" when completing a quest. I like to reward my students with tickets when they complete a quest. We also have a high-give wall with names of students who make a high-five. Students can be assigned specific tasks too based on needs. We will assign the class or a small group a specific skill they are struggling in or need some reinforcement in. Lastly, for students who need enrichment, eSpark can take them past grade level expectations. Overall, it's worth exploring.