Fun and entertaining! Perfect for my littles!

Submitted 1 year ago
Therese S.
Therese S.
Laurence J Daly Elementary School
Fayette MO, US
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My Take

Definitely a great tool for individual well as small groups. The only downfall was understanding the accent at times. Even myself, when listening to the directions, had to relisten a couple of times to decifer what is being asked. For students who do not have background knowledge or context to help them decode, it can become difficult to understand. Other than that, it is a lot of fun for them.

How I Use It

I use it while I am teaching small group reading. My students access the app to work at their own pace on eSpark. They do enjoy it, especially the "check-in" question at the start.
I did have some students who were confused a little by the accent. It was difficult to understand the directions clearly at times.