eSpark is Engaging, Adaptive, and Fun

Submitted 1 year ago
Erin V.
Erin V.
Piedmont Elementary
Duluth MN, US
My Rating

My Take

It's easy to login. The students can login with Google and don't need extra passwords and usernames. I bookmark it for my students on their tablet so they can find it easily. I like it because it is adaptive. There is a placement test for both math and reading so students start where they are an progress from there. The students are really engaged because it's so fun!

How I Use It

I use it for one of my reading rotations. Because it is adaptive, each student works at their own level on a tablet with headphones. All levels of students like it because it uses a lot of fun videos to teach. The lessons are interactive games. I have the children on the tablets sign out and hand it to the students in the next group. We use Clever Badges to sign on to the tablet Then we can just sign up with Google with no username or password for the site.