Engaging, fun way to learn at each student's own level, especially during a variety of learning models

Submitted 2 years ago
Cherie H.
Cherie H.
Triton Elementary
Dodge Center MN, US
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My Take

I like that it's individualized as well as engaging. Students are motivated to go on the site. I don't like that I can't choose or preview the stories and activities the students will see ahead of time when planning for instruction. That downside is not enough to dissuade me from using the site as one tool in my instructional toolkit.

I also like that students in 2nd grade and younger have the option of having stories read aloud as they follow along. This is especially good for English learners. I wish there was a feature that would allow me to turn the Read Aloud on for older students as well.

How I Use It

I have K-12 English learners and needed something that works for all of them as well as for a variety of learning models during the pandemic. The app is on the iPad of my younger students, while my older ones use Chromebooks to access it. I get the data on my account showing who has completed which lessons and which skills are still needed. I can target instruction toward those skills and know that my students are getting one-on-one reading practice. Students can log in from my classroom or from home, depending on where they are learning.