Engaging for students, super tool for teachers. eSpark takes the guess work out of differentiation. From assessing and leveling students to creating small group suggestions.

Submitted 2 years ago
Amy K.
Amy K.
Alpena Public Schools
Alpena MI, US
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My Take

My overall opinion on eSpark is it is a must have for k-5 educators. The ease of use, the student engagement and enjoyment, and the differentiation it provides makes it a no brainer. I love it and have recommended it to every teacher in my building.

How I Use It

eSpark is so easy to use, I used a class code so I didn't have to create a roster, when students entered the class code they automatically were entered into my classroom. Students took a placement test first and without me entering any grade levels or reading levels eSpark placed students correctly giving them the content they needed. Walking around the classroom as students are engaged in eSpark you can truly see how it is differentiating instruction. Students are playing games on starfall or listening to songs on gonoodle, they are reading passages, and learning new concepts with the eSpark characters. I get weekly emails with small group suggestions that say something like "Johnny and Suzie both struggled with r controlled vowels, try using this activity in a small group this week." I track students high fives they receive for doing well and they love getting rewarded for every 5 they earn. Our school is remote learning right now but my students were able to log in at home and are continuing to earn high fives. I highly recommend eSpark!!