ESpark is the BOMB!!!

Submitted 2 years ago
Adam Y.
Adam Y.
Concord Ox Bow Elementary School
Elkhart IN, US
My Rating

My Take

ESpark is a fantastic resource to supplement your instruction. I love the ease and accessibility. It took no time to set up my account and class - so the students were off and running with the program. Not being able to see kids right now, ESpark makes it even easier to differentiate and meet their targeted needs. The reports I get are very helpful so I can place students in small groups during my limited teaching time. I highly recommend educators to check out ESpark and see how this can benefit their instruct and meet the needs of their students.

How I Use It

Teaching remotely right now - I primarily use it to meet individual needs. I love that the fact that it differentiates student learning. It will target the specific areas that students need extra support in.

I then use the reports to place students in small groups, so I can further instruct and guide them.