Excellent Resource for Students working virtually

Submitted 2 years ago
Jill D.
Jill D.
Eachieve Elementary
Waukesha WI, US
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My Take

I like the level of student engagement. What I like best of the support from the eSpark team. Whenever I have a question, they quickly respond. They are also listening to the needs of teachers and developing new ways for students to interact such as targeted assignments for when a student is struggling. eSpark sends me weekly progress reports on my students. It also sends me emails when students are struggling with a concept and will include new videos to help reteach the students. It suggests small groups for me and provides resources for reteaching. It helps me better meet my student's needs!

How I Use It

I work with special education students who benefit from practice with skills they continue to struggle with. eSpark allows them to practice and learn in a fun environment that they enjoy.