EPals is soooo much more than the basic student email system. Our students love it!

Submitted 9 years ago
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EPals is known for being a student email system. I was looking for one, but I never realized how much more EPals had to offer until I actually started using it with my students. EPals is a program that not only provides free email addresses for teachers and students, but also sets several levels of restrictions, provides opportunities for students to collaborate and correspond with other students from different states and countries, and also provides a very interesting homepage for students with games, news articles, and many other things that can also be used by teachers as short lessons, etc.

How I Use It

As teaching tool I believe that EPals is largely unexplored by the majority of the schools that use it. I just started using EPals for email this school year, and plan on expanding the use of this great tool by sharing some of the great features it offers with my fellow teachers. The option for matching classes with classes from other areas for projects, etc. is only one of the really great benefits of this program!