Issues with Site

Submitted 3 years ago
Janine K.
Janine K.
Wheatmore High School
Trinity NC, US
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My Take

In theory, I loved this idea and really liked the Emaze presentation style. It is more dynamic than Power Point. However, the next day, two students couldn't get Emaze to open on a computer that was different than the one they used to create their presentation. I then tried it myself, and also could not get Emaze to open. We continued to get error messages and further information told us that the site was not secure and would not open for us, even if we chose to proceed without it being secure. I have been trying to contact Emaze, but haven't been successful yet. If I can resolve this issue, I will change my review and share the things we needed to do to resolve the issue.

How I Use It

I had my Chemistry students create an Emaze presentation for assigned elements. The students then did a gallery walk to view each other's presentations and collect information.