Powerful Assessments and Grading Made EASY!

Submitted 4 years ago
Margaret B.
Margaret B.
The Vail High School
Vail AZ, US
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My Take

This is the best testing program that I can use that closely mirrors the mandated state tests. I can use vetted assessments, edit already created assessments or create my own standard-based tests. I can then assign an assessment and students receive instant feedback - including a rationale for problems answered incorrectly.

For a time-strapped teacher looking for quality assessments to assign digitally - this is a great app.

Caveat - STUDENTS QUICKLY FOUND WAYS TO CHEAT ---users beware. Use a lockdown browser. Students can log-on as teachers and get access and students can change the HTML code to make answers visible.

How I Use It

Create unit, semester and end-of-year assessments. My biggest frustration was how quickly students to hack the system and cheat. After giving finals and noticing score anomalies. I began to suspect cheating. I asked by IT support and he said the program was easily hacked allowing students to see correct answers.