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Submitted 5 years ago
Amy S.
Amy S.
Instructional Technology and Professional Development Center Coordinator
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Teachers brought this tool to the attention of district leaders. This is a great endorsement. Teachers and students can monitor student growth daily and in real time and in the teachable moment. Teachers and students are working together to integrated this tool into the creation and monitoring of individual learning goals. At the district level, we can identify areas of need in specific content standards at the student, classroom, school, and district level. The online practice also aligns very well with the TN state assessment platform.

How I Use It

We adopted the Enterprise version (for a reasonable per student fee) district wide for grades 1-12. All teachers and students have access to the program for formative assessment as much as they choose to use it. RLA, Math, and Science Content Specialists, as well as lead-teacher for many other subjects, created district-wide common assessments. All students in grades 1-12 are participating in the Math, RLA, and Science district-wide assessment. Teachers in all subjects in Grades 9-12 have been asked to participate in common district-wide assessments for their classes as well.

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