This is a comprehensive website of lesson plans and resources.

Submitted 9 years ago
Timothy H.
Timothy H.
Hudson Middle School
Hudson NC, US
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My Take

This website is not a teaching tool. It is a site to find lessons for the teacher to teach. The lessons are in depth and provide the teacher with plenty of specifics in delivering the lesson. I like how there are many resources included to go with the lessons so you do not have to generate your own. This website is not for students. It is a resource for teachers. This website does not include all subjects. It is only for the humanities.

How I Use It

I used this website to find a lesson on cuneiform to go with my unit on Mesopotamia. Included with the lesson is a great resource I used that went along with the British Museum website which I was also using in my unit. I was able to give the students some questions to research and answer as independent practice to support my lesson. This website provided me everything I needed for this lesson. I just selected the parts that I wanted to use.