Easy Way to Make Sure Students Are Paying Attention

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion about Edpuzzle is it is excellent as homework for students when you want them to review in-class material, but not to have it in class. Edpuzzle needs to be done individually and at the students' pace. Hence, it is a good homework activity to ensure the students are still engaging with the material. Still, as a review, they do not feel confused about the material from the video leading them to get frustrated if they get the question wrong.

How I Use It

Edpuzzle is great to make sure students are not tuning out in class when you present material in the form of videos. Students often feel when they are assigning a video for homework, they can watch it without paying attention. Still, Edpuzzle allows you to put questions that cause the video to pause, so they either have to answer the question based on what they watched or rewatch to make sure they understand. This is an easy way to make the students be engaged in the material.

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