Edpuzzle reminds me of those recipes you find online with eight minutes worth of reading to scroll down, but you have to have it slowly read to you to get to the recipe, and you can't skip it or do anything else, and in the end the recipe sucks.

Submitted 2 years ago
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i don't like it, the students don't like it. nobody likes it. I recommend that nobody use this product, and those who do, please stop. I especially hate it's slogan, "Clasee just got a whole lot more interesting!" (It didn't)

How I Use It

I found this genius way to use edpuzzle that all the students will love. Don't. I have never seen any student who has liked edpuzzle. The video must be watched in full, at regular speed, and with no skipping ahead. student will likely just leave the video on while paying no attention to it, and then answer the question that, if they know, they know, and if they don't, it was in the last 15 seconds so they can rewind it.

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