Flipped Classroom Success!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

Overall, EdPuzzle is one of my favorite tools. I particularly like that students can not fast forward the videos and they can easily rewatch clips for understanding. I think it has helped students take ownership of their learning. Most importantly, our in-class activities were more engaging and dynamic since students came into class with background knowledge.

How I Use It

EdPuzzle was my favorite flipped classroom tool. With Edpuzzle, I could embed formative assessment questions into online videos or videos I created. This both helped ensure that students watched the video and gave me important data going into the in-class lesson. I could differentiate immediately and reach students who needed help sooner. I also really like that EdPuzzle integrates easily with Google Classroom, making posting assignments a breeze. The hardest part was getting kids to complete the homework (of watching the video), but it was no different that having students who don't complete a paper assignment. All of our class/school homework policies helped with that.