Amazing resource for interacting with video

Submitted 6 years ago
Nicole Q.
Nicole Q.
Eastridge Senior High School
Rochester NY, US
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My Take

This is a great resource for having students interact with video. It is easy to make it so students can not move past certain points without watching the entire video and answering questions that I have created. I can search through multiple websites that contain video or I can create my video and upload it.

I like that I am able to create my own video or search through videos in the library that are pulled from multiple sites. I also like how easy it is to create video lessons for students to watch and to provide feedback through the app. It allows students to be independent without always asking me for help, and provides opportunities to differentiate instruction. Students can work on different lessons with different videos based on what their needs are.

I would like to see an option to make students go back and retry questions if they do not answer them correct. This would prevent the ability for students to click through answers without thinking about the question. However, I do like that I receive feedback about progress either by individual student or the entire class.

How I Use It

This app allows the teacher to embed questions directly into a video so that as students are watching the video, they have to answer the questions that pop up on the screen. Questions can be short answer, or multiple choice. The teacher has the option to force students to watch the video without skipping any parts of the video. EdPuzzle can be used through an app or through the internet. However, I have found it easier to create while using the web.

I have used Edpuzzle to introduce a new topic or review a previously learned topic. When creating a review or introduction, I can search through videos in the Edpuzzle library. Edpuzzle pulls from multiple sites so there are a large amount of videos already in the library. I embed questions in the video that show me whether or not the students understand the material or if it is the beginning of the unit it can be used for preassessment. As the teacher, I get feedback on how the students did and I can create groups based on that feedback. When co-planning with other teachers, we were not able to find a way to share videos we created with other teachers. We got around this by sharing one account and then creating separate classes for each of our classes.

Edpuzzle is also good to use when creating stations that students can work on independently. This allows me to help other students while students doing Edpuzzle can work independently and receive immediate feedback that I have pre-designed and embedded into the video.