Great math tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
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Overall this is great site for teachers. It can help improve your teaching by offering a variety of worksheets, projects, labs, hands-on activities and assessments across a number of math related topics. In addition you can create your own dashboard to reach out to other educators for help or advice. I really liked that you could access questions from other teachers and help them out and see how others have responded. It also provided a section that offered additional resources that you could use. All in all this is a great site for educators to use in the classroom.

How I Use It

This site offers a wide variety of tools that I am able to utilize in my classroom. I liked how it offered me various assessments, hands-on activities, labs and projects across various topics that I can use in my classroom. In addition it offers me the chance to reach out for help and advice from other educators who may have or be experiencing what I am. In addition this site offers you links to additional resources and printable worksheets to help you further the learning process.