Great site with a lot of resources for teaching economics.

Submitted 9 years ago
Robin R.
Robin R.
Republic High School
Republic MO, US
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This is a good site to use when teaching about economics. Students seem very lost when I talk about economics, but any activities you can do to reinforce what you are teaching will help and this site has some good activities. They also offer a free flash drive or cd rom of their Virtual Economics and it has some good resources to use in class.

How I Use It

Videos on the site teach student about different concepts like division/specialization of labor. After viewing the video the site has activities that can be completed for a deeper understanding of the concepts from the video. I use this site in my Entrepreneurship class to teach my students about economics. You do have to be careful with some of the worksheets from the site because I think I have had students do a google search and find the answers. Some of the activities are good for students learning.