DreamBox has just been ok for my students this year. I have found it hard to purposefully assign and hold students accountable to doing specific lessons. Also, the sequence lessons are assigned to students in automatically does not seem to be the best.

Submitted 4 years ago
Nikki L.
Nikki L.
Winograd K-8 School
Greeley CO, US
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My Take

I don't love this program. My students have become quite bored using it, and if they don't understand how a question is being asked, they get "stuck" on that lesson for a long time. I wish it would have alternative methods of teaching when this happens.

How I Use It

My students spend about 20 minutes a day using DreamBox. I have used it as a center, and I have also put the whole class on at the same time. I usually rely on the program to assign students lessons, but I have also tried to assign lessons myself.