DreamBox - It's All Good.

Submitted 3 years ago
Jay S.
Jay S.
Prospect Heights Middle School
Orange VA, US
My Rating

My Take

It is not the best teaching tool. It is a great resource to help students fill in gaps that they have from grade previously. It would be better if all standards were available and students could have more than 8 activities posted (or if the teacher could override certain concepts). Some of my students not on grade level struggle to be motivated to use DreamBox, so I have to include various incentives to encourage them to attempt problems and work for the allotted time.

How I Use It

I use DreamBox as a station in my classroom with all students. They are able to get on at least 10 - 20 minutes per day or they have access at home (they can use it as much as they like at home). I am able to create assignments to fill gaps in previous grades or I can assign work at the current level of instruction.