The idea is there, but some better instruction is needed

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I do like this product as a teaching tool. Most games and lessons are great tools for the students to gain a better understanding of certain topics, but some of the directions or form of answer is not clearly stated. Another issue that I have seen is that the kids will just click through the games to get a green check mark and have a lesson completed. I like that this program can be differentiated for different level students and that the program changes to each student. I also like that I can assign specific lessons for certain kids depending on their needs. Dreambox also does a good job with flagging students that might be struggling with certain topics or are going through lessons too fast. This helps me keep track of how each student is progressing. Overall I like dreambox.

How I Use It

I use this in my classroom on a weekly basis. I assign this as homework for my students by having them do so many lessons a week. It doesn't matter what level they are on, they all are expected to do these lessons each week. This works for the most part, but there are some hacks that the students figured out to get through lessons faster and not actually try like they are supposed to. Even if they use this hack, they get a check mark for completing a lesson. As much as the hack is an issue for some students, the majority of the students take their time and complete the lessons like they are supposed to.