Makes Small Group Time Possible During Math Block

Submitted 4 years ago
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I love that my students have exposure to so many math concepts when using Dreambox. It is also game oriented, which engages students and motivates them to try their best to get to the next level. Dreambox allows students to progress to higher level math skills that may even be a grade level or two above their actual grade level. This is great because they are working at a pace that is just right for them. When I look at the teacher dashboard, I am able to see where my students strengths and weaknesses are and this helps with planning small group instruction. I love that all the data is automatically recorded and that I can use it right away!

How I Use It

I use Dreambox daily in my first grade classroom during the Math block. Dreambox is one of my student's 15 minute math center rotations and they look forward to logging on each day. While I am working with small groups on various skills, the Dreambox group is able to complete learning tasks that are individualized and adapt to their ability level. I love that I am able to see how my students are progressing on the teacher dashboard. I am able to see what my students are working on and what they still need to complete. There is an "arcade" area and an area where students can change their avatar. Some students were getting hung up on these areas and not actually completing the lessons. I was able to choose which days my students have access to these areas on the teacher dashboard (I set it to only let them access these on Fridays). Now my students are more productive during their Dreambox time and are progressing more efficiently.