Students enjoy challenging levels and activities that make them really focus on the topics given. As a teacher, I love having the ability to assign lessons according to individual needs.

Submitted 5 years ago
Darcy O.
Darcy O.
Gammon Elementary School
Wichita KS, US
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My Take

I like this a teaching tool because it allows for flexibility. The classroom dashboard also shows how many minutes each student has spent working and how many lessons they have completed. Again, the issue I have is the feeling of "they have to master this skill". In reality, half of my students will not master grade-level skills from Dreambox alone, and the constant repeating of directions can be overwhelming to some of my kiddos. More setting to allow for greater teacher flexibility would be great (timed lessons, control over student screens, less strict requirements for completing a lesson, etc).

How I Use It

I use this daily in my math groups. Students can be assigned different lessons based on what they need. The only issue I have is that students do get pretty frustrated when they have to redo an entire lesson because of 1 mistake. I would like a setting to disable that feature.