Visual Mathematics Builds Understanding and Growth Mindset for Math

Submitted 5 years ago
Laura R.
Laura R.
McCulloch Intermediate School
Dallas TX, US
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My Take

I love that mathematics concepts are represented visually, as research shows this is extremely important in deep understanding of math concepts. I also love that it is adaptive and gives good data to the teacher about where students are having success and areas they need more support in. Whenever I play it I get completely sucked in and have to make myself break away. I would like to see more content developed for older grades such as 8th grade.

How I Use It

Students worked on lessons assigned that correlate to what we are studying in class. While students are working in Dreambox, it allows me time to work with students one on one and in small groups for reteaching.

Before we began using Dreambox, I gave them some instructions about continuing to persevere even if they didn't understand the games and that it was okay to click the button for help, as that would build their skills and develop understanding.