This is our first year using Dream Box in our District!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Wonderful intervention tool. It works if students have been previously taught the mathematical concept. It does not work if this is the first time seeing the math lesson. Students need direct instruction from their respective teacher first before attempting Dream Box. Otherwise, it will be chasing every hand raised in the computer lab.
This tool is wonderful while doing rotations in a classrooms . One group can work with students while another can work with their teacher in reviewing key concepts. This is a worthwhile investment for your school districts. Lesson are assigned and are align with CSS. This is a huge benefit. In addition, students can all be giving the same standard to work on. The teacher can analyze the data on a weekly basis and make the necessary modifications as needed. Give it one full year and reap the benefits.

How I Use It

Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5 as of now. This is our 1st full year and students find DBL active and engaged learning. The lessons are selected by their curricular grade after completing a diagnostic. As students gain proficiency, then their time was lower or eliminated if they were at or above grade level. Webinars for the adults were good. The digital PD can need some fine tuning to assist new and returning staff.

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