Personalized Math Practice

Submitted 5 years ago
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My favorite part of using Dreambox in my classroom is that my students love to be on Dreambox. When they work on Dreambox, I can see my students enjoying themselves while practicing through their individualized, assigned lessons. I can also see them go through that productive struggle to figure out the various math tools that Dreambox utilizes like the Math Rack and number lines. Dreambox is a helpful tool for students to practice skills they actually need practice with. It provides data for teachers so that teachers can have a better understanding of the standards students are succeeding in and struggling with. I would recommend this tool to other classroom teachers because students (at least in the primary grades) enjoy it and it provides formative data that can serve as a guide to responsive teaching.

How I Use It

Dreambox is an important part of my math workshops. I love to use this tool in my 2nd grade classroom because it provides students with the extra math practice that they need. Dreambox covers all of the second grade standards, depending on what you, your school, or your county has purchased, and it provides lessons and practice with each standard and domain. My school has access to Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Number and Operations in Base Ten. One of my favorite features on Dreambox is AssignFocus - I use this feature to enhance and individualize my students' experiences on Dreambox. So many of my little learners are on different levels and need practice with different skills and AssignFocus allows me to assign specific standards to individual students that need to target that standard. Dreambox also allows me to see each standard (from Kindergarten through third grade) so that I know which standards I want to assign to different students. I can assign lessons for first grade standards to my students that need to further develop those prerequisite skills and I can also assign harder lessons to my students that need more of a challenge. I encourage my students to persevere and try to work through their lessons independently (especially because we work on Dreambox during workshops and I am usually busy with a small group). However, Dreambox also alerts me to students who are really struggling through some of the lessons so that I can plan to reteach and model for those students.