Students are crazy about Dreambox.

Submitted 9 years ago
Nancy W.
Nancy W.
Instructional Technology Coach
Oak Ridge High School
Oak Ridge TN, US
My Rating

My Take

Kids really do want to use this product and enjoy earning coins to spend on additional characterization and tools. We met recently with our area Dreambox rep and they are very responsive to suggestions and needs. We asked for some clarification about moving students into intervention classes within the product, and it does allow students to be enrolled in multiple classes. Be careful assigning usernames, since the Primary look for K-2 allows picture passwords and will display both first and last names if you enter them.

How I Use It

Students use Dreambox in their classroom centers as a rotation, and they often use Dreambox in the computer lab time and at home. It is really nice that the teacher does not have to go in and make assignments and that students can advance to high levels beyond their current grade if capable. For intervention, it would be nice to be able to target individual CCSS skills to practice, though. We have requested an assignment feature and hope it will be developed soon.