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William J.
William J.
Fort Settlement Middle School
Sugar Land TX, US
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This is a very useful tool to for students and teachers. Teachers who are proponents of the paperless environment will take advantage of the drawing tools. Kids are also able to collaborate with each other and the teachers can see and control sharing withing the class. The only downfall of this product is the cost, however if you can afford it its a definitely worth the money, especially for k-3 classrooms.

How I Use It

The beauty of DRAWP for Schools is that it allows young children the ability to collaborate electronically. There are various apps that provide this for older children but DRAWP for Schools does this well for the younger students. First of all its housed in a well designed protected environment. It's CIPPA and COPA complaint and like one of only seven new apps to hold that distinction. It promotes creativity. DRAWP allows students to draw on a white board surface in multiple colors and textures, also allowing students to even blend colors on the white canvas. Teachers can bulk upload usernames, reset passwords, and upload content all while seamlessly sharing assignments with students. Parents are easily added to the mix by teachers sharing assignments and students works seamlessly.

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