I great online substitute for a graphing calculator.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think it is a great online substitute for a graphing calculator. I like it because the prep time and getting student ready to use it is extremely short compare to teaching student how to use a traditional in-hand graphing calculator. The only slight complaint I have so far is when writing coefficients in fraction form. For example if I needed to write "(2/3)x" I first type it as 2x, and then I back space between the "2" and the "x" and then I type /3. After I do that graphs the fractional value correctly.

How I Use It

This online application has been helpful in my Integrated Algebra classes. Since the application allows students to graphs equations much easier than a traditional scientific calculator, I quickly use it as a tool with almost all of my students. Since the graphing component of it is so easy to input, it makes it easier to show students how a equation/inequality may look different in different forms (such as function form and standard form) but the line/inequality is still the same. The final calculator also makes it easy for student to confirm input and output values.