Constructivist Learning - crowd sourcing research with Declara

Submitted 6 years ago
Steve I.
Steve I.
William Annin Middle School
Basking Ridge NJ, US
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My Take

I love the collaborative nature and the fact that kids can find articles of interest to them but also browse through articles on the topic of VR found by their classmates. Having the kids engage in discussion helps add to the value of the lesson and most importantly the constructivist learning environment,

How I Use It

I teach a Game Design and Development course and we are participating in a research study on Virtual Reality in the Classroom. I was looking for a good way for students to research and importantly share articles, information, reviews, videos, etc. related to VR. Declara allows you to set up groups or invite other collaborators to curate content with you. You can also highlight and comment on articles to construct meaning from the articles and share your thoughts with others in the community. This extends beyond the class as you can see highlights and comments posted by others who have curated the same article. I have my students find and share an article. They must reflect on the article and pose a question that came up for them when they read it. This helps to engage others in conversation. The next step is for students to read 2 articles curated by classmates and further engage in the discussion that has been started by their classmate.