Great tool for preschool

Submitted 8 years ago
Hollie G.
Hollie G.
Instructional Coach
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My Take

I think this app would work great for one-on-one as review over preschool curriculum. However, since there is not a way to differentiate for the learner you might have to give more supervision and direction depending on the students level. I did like that the skills continue to get more challenging as they go on. I do wish there was some higher order thinking skills integrated into this, such as the creation of shapes. Overall though I think it would be a great one for many preschool classes!

How I Use It

I used this app for one-on-one learning with my preschooler at home. He has basic knowledge of shapes and colors and was at first a little bored with this app. However, as the skills progressed and he was able to start building he liked it more. Of course he was thrilled that it included Curious George, which is a favorite in our house.