Helpful tool for young students to play with sound

Submitted 8 years ago
Margaret A P.
Margaret A P.
Director of STEAM Innovation
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My Take

Although the website has a lot of potential to explore and play with sounds, I wish it was more robust. I wish there was a web-based program, similar to the author's Pitch Painter app, that allowed students to not only interact with sounds but to create free-form music (similar to the Pitches & Rhythms game). The graphics on the site felt small at times and I wish you could select "full screen" to enlarge them. I think it is a valuable site for students who are starting to explore music and who may not have access to instruments at school or at home but I think the overall applications of the site are more for basic users.

How I Use It

I shared this with our music teachers and they were excited about the possibilities for using it for whole-class introductions and small group work on the Smartboard and review basic scales and explore pitch. The audio instructions were great in the Hearing Music games so that younger students could work independently.