Basic looking but informative app for countries of the world

Submitted 7 years ago
Lisa B.
Lisa B.
Hershey Middle School
Hershey PA, US
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My Take

There were two aspects I immediately did not care for: the ad was impossible to exit without removing my device from the case. Second, the app visually resembled Encarta. The information on this app is much more up to date; it includes South Sudan. Once I got past those two issues, I discovered a reliable tool for learning, exploring, and practicing countries. There are three modes: study, quiz, and search. The search feature is self explanatory.
For the study mode, you first select a continent. Each country has an info card with information like capital, area, population, language, religion, age to vote, life expectancy, GDP, etc. There is an image of the flag and a general map of the country in relation to the other countries in the region, but the map does not provide any political or geographic details. There is an audio file that will say the name of the country. Some countries (but not all), also have links to a website that will play an assortment of video files about the country. The quiz feature lets you select the region and what you want to be quizzed on, like name, capital, GDP, etc. Another quiz setting is whether you want to be quizzed on the smallest countries.

How I Use It

I teach Latin American geography, so I appreciate that the app divides the world into easy to identify regions. Students can get a basic introduction to each country. There are some good discussion points we can have about GDP and life expectancy in different parts of the world. After they have learned the countries, they can quiz themselves with the app. Anything with a percentage correct and a time becomes a competition to my students. The quiz feature does that. Another benefit to the quiz is the review; students can look at just the countries they missed during the quiz. Some students will want to beat the teacher score and improve their own; for the motivated students, this app is engaging.
Another lesson possibility is the math of population density. The app clearly displays both the area and the population of each country. The only disadvantage is the use of kilometers instead of miles like my students are accustomed to using for area.