Awesome site for meeting CCSS standards and engaging students in reading

Submitted 4 years ago
Hannah H.
Hannah H.
Hollidaysburg Area School District
Hollidaysburg PA, US
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CommonLit is an excellent teaching tool as it has a large variety of engaging and interactive readings and videos (all readings have annotation/highlighting tools as well as an audio option). You can also differentiate by assigning small groups or individual students certain readings, so if some students are more advanced/slower readers, they can receive a reading that is tailored to their level. There is also a grading function on CommonLit that allows students to turn in work on the site for a grade but then can revise their answers (if you allow it) and resubmit their work. The feedback and analytics of the grading function is truly awesome as you can see how each student performs on questions associated with specific CCSS standards. This site is totally worth your time as an ELA teacher and will save you lots of time searching for high quality, interesting readings that are already CCSS aligned. And it's FREE!!!!!!!

How I Use It

I absolutely love CommonLit. I used it with my 10th and 11th grade English classes (including a remedial class). There are so many great features to this site that it truly takes a little bit of time to explore them all, but it is so worth it! You can create classes and assign students readings that target specific CCSS standards (organized by grade level and anchor). You can search their huge library by topic, Lexile range, grade level reading, CCSS standards, or genre type. CommonLit also recently added thematic units composed of readings pulled from their library, complete with paired texts, videos, discussion questions, and assessments - the list goes on!