Great app with a great storyline and characters!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I love the Foos because the students like that it has a story line and characters. They are excited to advance through levels. When I introduce the Foos we go through a few levels together. The app is so great because it provides a quick tutorial before each level. The different levels build up from each other while reviewing prior knowledge. I like that students can also create their own levels. It gives them the opportunity to tale their own creative license and express themselves, while also showcasing their skills. The app appeals to many different learners and levels of students, not focusing on primarily high or low readers. I would like if some of the directions were read outlaid, I feel that could be beneficial to some students.

How I Use It

I use this app during my Computer Science class of first graders. They absolutely love this app because it is student friendly and the builds on their knowledge as they move along. The students learn a lot about basic block coding and move on to more advanced topics with loops and conditionals. I like how simple this app is to get started. The teacher dashboard is easy to use and set up and track your student's progress. I am able to see how my students are progressing and see where they are falling short. I like that as they start new levels it shows them a quick tutorial of what to do.