Fun, Fast, Fantastic... The Foos

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion is... I really like The Foos a lot! My students like it a lot too! I like the setup of the lessons in different areas of Fooville. This makes it easy for students to follow and know exactly where to go and work. I also like that I can lock the Game Maker from student access. Students can get sucked into the Game Maker and not want to to anything else. I would like to know more about the mini-game sections. I don't understand when students should use them or why. I also like that there are answer keys, because sometimes I need them too! This app is Fun, Fast and Fantastic.!

How I Use It

I have used The Foos in my 2nd grade classroom for the past two years. I have also used it the past two years in a summer school enrichment class for students in 3rd-4th graders. I have used The Foos to teach my students the concepts needed to learn how to Code. The step by step lesson plans are extremely helpful. Students can learn the concept through an unplugged activity then apply what they learned with the block to solve the puzzle. I also like the home/school connection. The only part that I find troublesome is the amount of time it takes me to set the app up on my classroom iPads. The app takes a long time to download - I have newer iPads too.