Great way to move students from block coding to scripted coding!

Submitted 6 years ago
Jana C.
Jana C.
Lovett Elementary School
Clinton MS, US
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My Take

I love the gap that CodeMonkey fills between block and scripted coding. It allows students to begin with blocks and see how those translate into scripted commands. However, I cannot depend on it because of the price-point. With all of the free options out there, I just keep looking, hoping to find an equivalent, while still understanding the need for paid products. I love that they offer a free trial, though. Thanks, CodeMonkey, for giving me a taste of something great!

How I Use It

I teach a 5th grade computer science class that introduces students to block coding through programs like and Scratch. While these platforms offer students a wealth of basic knowledge into the world of coding and allow students to develop a greater understanding of algorithms, programming, loops, etc., I always have students who whiz through it and are ready for a new challenge. However, I find it difficult to throw them straight into Java or HTML without some sort of bridge. I am able to use CodeMonkey to bridge the gap between the two. The price-point on paid accounts is the only thing that keeps me from absolutely loving it!