Great tool and easy to understand.

Submitted 6 years ago
Chris R.
Chris R.
Immaculate Conception School
Towson MD, US
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My Take

For this website, I would highly recommend it. I knew nothing about coding before I started and before my students started. I now have already gained skills in both HTML and CSS and am able to understand and read code. I caution using this in middle school as you may as well tell the students the name of the lesson is Hacking 101. I feel this way about all coding websites. Codecademy is a great tool to use in the high school level in programming classes and computer classes.

Overall I have been very satisfied with the use of codecademy. I will keep working with it and using it as an introductory tool but I will still need to introduce basic concepts and information to any new coding language. I will also need to continue to design new units and projects since codecademy doesn't allow for individual students to create their own projects.

How I Use It

I use this product to help my students understand syntax and computer grammar. When we start a new unit, I have students run through one of the modules. I usually use this website as an introduction to a specific type of coding. Students are able to get an understanding and a solid foundation to the specific languages.

For some students who need more support I hoped that they would be able to tell students where they went wrong in their coding. Overall the issues we encounter are pretty nominal, however as the teacher, I can't sit there and look through every line of code for every student. The support codecademy has will tell you what that specific segment of code is supposed to look like but if you mess up earlier or accidentally deleted a " or a > it can be hard to get them over the hump.