Closegap and Student Wellbeing: Maggie Hall and Anna Schulte

Submitted 3 months ago
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My Take

Overall, this tool is a great resource that I believe students and teachers should be encouraged more to use. Mental health is a problem that so often gets overlooked or brushed off. It is important sometimes to take a step back, and think about your mental well being. Closegap gives students an opportunity to speak their mind in a safe space. Closegap gives teachers another way to get to know their students, which helps this resource fall under the TPACK model. The SAMR model also helps us classify how this resource is adding to the classroom. Specifically, Closegap encapsulated augmentation pretty well. Closegap gives students a direct substitute resource through a technological medium that will functionally improve the relationships between students and teachers.

How I Use It

This site is a great tool for the communication between students and teachers in regards to their mental wellbeing. There are many issues students may not feel comfortable telling their teachers or guardians directly, particularly those between peers. Closegap directly engages students by making them feel their classroom is a safe space and shows that their teachers are always an available resource for support. While this may not be used in a lesson, it’s a great way to warm-up and get students to think about their overall wellbeing. Teachers can see in real time how their students are faring and adjust their curriculum as necessary.