ClassTag vs. Bloomz

Submitted 3 years ago
Tanya L.
Tanya L.
Leland P Brown Elementary School
Olympia WA, US
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My Take

This year I decided to switch to ClassTag after using Bloomz for a year. I really liked the ease of use of Bloomz, but I had read that ClassTag had some features that would make my communication more equitable (better translation features and ability to print out automated newsletters for parents that don’t sign up), so I made the switch. For photo and video handling, I prefer Bloomz. ClassTag seems like it takes forever to load and then upload pictures, but it seemed almost instant in Bloomz. The conference option is also better in Bloomz as the teacher is able to assign slots if parents call or have already made plans with you. ClassTag only lets the parents sign up and therefore I did not use this option for my conferences. ClassTag also doesn't have a portfolio option for individual students like Bloomz.

ClassTag did have a number of options that I really liked and saved me time. One option is you can delay the time of your posts, therefore working in advance. For example, if you wanted to set a reminder an event for parents, you could set the time you post it for the night before. Also if you put things in the calendar it will automatically generate a summary of the coming week.

There are quite a few advertisements in ClassTag which can be annoying. There is also a coin reward system for using the platform. This was not my primary motivation for using the app, but I did get about $20 worth of Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates this year which was a bonus.

How I Use It

This is more of a parent communication tool than an actual teaching tool. However, I have used it to show work to parents and send information about our learning in class to create a home to school learning connection. Some examples I have used are posting videos we have used in class so the students can re-watch and practice at home and uploading pdfs and videos of concepts we are learning at home to educate parents.

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