A fun and colorful animal categorization app with varying levels of complexity.

Submitted 7 years ago
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I have tried it with students from Pk to 6th grade, and they loved it. It has multiple levels that should help with differentiation. It can be as simple as animals vs non-animals, but students can also learn about more complex ideas like hibernation, kingdom, habitat, and diet. It requires students to score 75%or above to move to the next level, and only a perfect score will reveal extra rewards like collector cards. This prevents students from just guessing and rushing through the task. I also like how you can set up multiple players/students on one device, so you can track each student's progress individually.

How I Use It

When working on a unit on animals, or more specifically animal classification, I have used this app to support learning, provide extra practice, and even introduce new concepts. It has a lot of features like multiple modes, multiple levels, multiple users, animal fact cards that turn what essentially is a simple sorting exercise into something much more engaging and instructive. The simple structure of the app makes it appropriate for younger & struggling learners, but the ability to advance the levels makes it worthwhile for gifted students as well.

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