Great interactive tool that grabs students attention

Submitted 4 years ago
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It is an awesome game that meets both the social and emotional need of students. I love how it makes learning an adventure individually while collaborating with others around them. I love how students can play this game any time they have free and can pick up where they last left off. I love how adaptable the game is and the teacher has a lot of say in what the game is teaching. It gives the teacher the chance to leave feedback, which can be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. The gaming aspect of the website is very addicting to children and this allows to feel as if they have freedom in the classroom learning by a way that they love.

How I Use It

It was a little hard to understand at first. The overall concept of the game was hard to grasp at the beginning. But once students get the hang of it they will immediately fall in love with the concept of the game. It keeps the attention of students since it is a game like activity, it definitely moves away from the traditional type of learning. Students are able to choose their avatars giving them the ability to relate to the game. There are also "daily events" students have to accomplish that a teacher can put into place.

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