Great Program for Personalized Learning!

Submitted 4 years ago
Christopher E.
Christopher E.
Xavier University Montessori Lab School
Cincinnati OH, US
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My Take

Classcraft is great for letting students differentiate learning and make choices based on their personal interests. The fantasy elements of it make it feel more like a game, instead of an educational tool which allows for the students to get lost in the world and keep wanting to come back to learn more. In my time with Classcraft, I was only able to explore for so long. I would be curious how many Quests you can build and how you can intertwine your curriculum throughout the year so that it feels like a completed project.

I worry that the wording might be daunting for some students, but I feel that the images and personalization allows for students to jump in as they please. As long as you are allowing for students to interact with one another and the world, it would be a great tool. Otherwise, they are going to be hampered by the lack of interaction. I can't wait to try it again!

How I Use It

ClassCraft is great to use on top of existing lessons. It does take a bit of time to get familiar with, but once you and the students are familiar it is very interactive and engaging! It provides great opportunities for gamification, allowing for students to jump into different Events, Boss Battles, and Experiences to gain points or even go head-to-head with another team so that you can play against each other for some friendly fun!

My favorite thing was learning about the Quests. At times throughout my experience, you are able to branch off and select different quests that focus on different subjects and topics. In doing so, this allows students to differentiate how they want to take their path and how they want to learn the lesson for that day.

Classcraft also provides analytics so that you can monitor a student's progress, behavioral items, and points / gold and things to reteach. This allows for you to chat with the student and parents so that they have a better understanding of where they are at throughout the school year.

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