Great Gamification Shell for Managing Discipline

Submitted 4 years ago
Catherine S.
Catherine S.
Media Specialist
Copper Mountain Middle
Herriman UT, US
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There are options to use it more as a teaching tool; however, I really didn't explore that as I was looking for discipline management. Each semester I would have a couple kids who didn't really care about the events but their teams usually helped move them along and kept them at least moderately involved.

How I Use It

I used ClassCraft as a behavior management tool with 9th graders in an Exploring Computer Science course. I created groups (don't let students select their own) of 5-6 students based on GPA and behavior, striving for a variety. After a brief introduction, the first assignment was for each team to choose their team name, a captain and co-captain, their roles, an emblem, and the background design and to come up with a game plan. To get to know each other better, they created a Google Slides presentation to introduce each member of their team to the class. To better facilitate the game-play, I assigned their seats as teams. (This worked really well as they were close to each other for collaborating and encouraging teammates. Also, if a new student joined the team, there was a neighboring teammate to help them.) Each day as students entered the class, I would have the event projected to the screen so it usually took very minimal time from the class.
My students liked it when I had funds to pay for the upgrade so that they could earn better costumes and have pets, etc. On random days, I might give a treat to all the students who dressed in Halloween gear, for example. This helped encourage them to sign into their account on a daily basis to see how they could help their teammates.