Classcraft Was Just What My Class Needed!!!

Submitted 5 years ago
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Overall, I think this a great behavior tool to use with a group of students who are middle school and older. For this tool be used successfully in the classroom it is very important to take some time to get familiar with it and really consider how you want use the game in your class and tailor everything specifically for your class before you implement it. I really enjoy the fact that it is compatible with google classroom because I use classroom a lot with my class already. I also really like that classcraft is played in teams because it reinforces collaboration and how their actions can affect others. Students are trying to earn points so good behaviors become intentional and fun at the same time. I saw this game really work well with the students who loved gaming already. When I first wanted to use the game a couple of years ago I didn't because it was a bit overwhelming for me but I see the creators are really trying to make it more user friendly. You have to be a little bit technology savvy to be able to use this application. I also think the creators could do a little better with the tutorials some of them are way to long. I've only been using this application for two weeks so I will add more to this review as the year goes on.

How I Use It

This is my first year using Classcraft in my 6th grade class. I have 100 students split between 3 periods everyday and behavior management was starting to become a bit of a challenge because students started to become bored with the same systems they have been using since Kindergarten and were losing motivation. I use Classcraft everyday simultaneously with my normal lesson.

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