Great classroom management tool which motivates students

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I like Classcraft as a suppliment tool as it motivates students and keeps days fresh with daily events and receiving instant gratification when assignments are done. It is good for kids who like to compete academically with each other as well as have an interest in gaming. However, there are still the ten percent of students where the motivation is not affecting them. Perhaps more interactive applications with it through the use of user characters can help.

How I Use It

I use classcraft everyday as a supplement to my normal lessons. I use it to help motivate students to complete do now assignments with the use of a countdown clock to earn XP as well as post any notes that I may do. I also use it to reward students when they complete assignments and assessments. Over the course of the year the students are able to earn powers that they can use in class including homework passes, cheat sheet on assessments as well as getting extra time to complete assessments as well. Students are also marked for not doing homework and other behaviors which can impact their peers. While the overall concept has worked and students like the program, the problem I saw was the student motivation to complete sentences when they fall in battle due to losing health points from missing homework or even daily events. Some were motivated to earn xp back once alive and some were not as motivated.