Gamification + LMS + Fantasy = An adventure in learning!

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In general, the system is fun to explore and discover. The artwork is gorgeous, the interface is ever changing, and my students really enjoy interacting with their characters. For teachers looking for specific features for their content area, a playable game, or a cure-all for their classroom woes, you might want to realize that this is meant to work with your normal instruction like you would with ClassDojo or some similar classroom management system. It did not take me long to set up because I have explored gamification and had a general idea of what to expect, but for those new to the system should definitely check out the tutorials.

Classcraft is an ever expanding tool and one thing I particularly like is that the customer service and design team are very receptive to feedback. While some changes can't be made instantaneously, they do genuinely work to try and put forth the best product and will earnestly listen to any concerns I raise with their software. With the combination of a great product and a great support team, I highly recommend anyone who wants to add some adventure to their classroom.

How I Use It

I primarily use Classcraft as a Classroom Management tool by "gamifying" (spell check doesn't like anything I'm offering) classroom behaviors: dealing "damage" for negatives, rewarding positives with XP/GP. Since it is an adventure game, students have bought into the concept by customizing characters, leveling up, forming teams, and so on. I have used it for a while and as they add new features, I try to find ways to work with them as well. For example, they've added a content management system where I can add lessons, lead discussions, assign homework, and collect responses.

We use the system daily for our random events and rewards. The students know they can interact with the rewards/consequences on their own devices (my classroom is 1-to-1 for computers, but they can also access using either web or mobile apps from home). In general, we love Classcraft.

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