RefMe Makes Citing As Easy As Taking A Picture

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RefME is the next generation research tool that makes building works cited and bibliographies for research impressively easy. So, what makes RefME special compared to EasyBib, Son of Citation, and any of half a dozen other citation automaters? First, RefME takes advantage of working on computers, iPhones, and Android devices. RefME stores your various projects in the cloud, so you can research school databases on your computer, then grab your device and roam the library or another location, and shoot the data to the same file. The information you find is then sent to the same folder that your computer has open. Second, RefME has barcode reading software, so no more typing author name, publication date, etc., Third, the user interface is the cleanest and easiest to navigate that I have ever seen. Simplicity itself. Fourth, unlike some other serves that allow for one or a few formats for free but charge a fee for APA, for instance, RefME makes every format/style that I have ever used free to the app user. Fifth, this design team is pushing ahead with additional features like OCR, PDF annotation, and other exciting features. They appear hungry. I have no concerns with RefMe's use. It is so easy to use!!! Easy!!! It is easier than any other bibliography tool that I have ever used. You just download, create what ever folders/files you need, and start scanning! Best of all, it is fre!!! Available at:

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Any student who needs to build a "works cited" or bibliography for a project should be using this app. Do I plan to use it? Not just yes, but heck yes!!! I use RefMe for my own research. I sure as shootin' let my kids in on the secret of the resource.